Anywhere Niche

$117 USD

The Anywhere Niche is a recessed shelf that can be installed well...anywhere. Complete with a drywall bead rim that contours the niche seamlessly into drywall surfaces.

Use it as a toilet paper holder, to store keys in your entryway, as a bedside shelf, or for spices in a minimalist kitchen. Where there's a shelf, this can help. There's also an option to add recessed LED lighting! 

Install is best done by a Pro.

 100% Manufactured in Canada

Wall, Ceiling
  • Can be customized with paint/wall paper.
  • Must be installed at drywalling stage. Requires professional installation.
  • Use only on drywall surfaces.
  • Recessed channel for optional LED strip lighting.
  • Concealed hinged door to hide/access power supply.

What can this be used for?
It's an integrated niche / shelf that can be used for pretty much anything: use it as a toilet paper holder, a bedside shelf or as an entryway organizer. You can even customize it with recessed lighting! 

What material can this be used with?
This vent is specifically for drywall / gypsum wall and ceiling surfaces.

My drywall is already installed, can I use this?
Yes, absolutely! Just ensure that you are installing it between wall joists (or studs). 

Can I paint the shelf?
Yes! The Anywhere Niche comes primed with powder coated finish that is designed to be repainted after install. Use any wall paint inside and around the niche to make it disappear completely into the wall. 

How do you add recessed lighting to the niche?
Along the inside top panel of the niche we've added a small channel to house an LED light strip. We also integrated a concealed hinged door to hide wires and a power supply (if necessary). Recessed lighting may require electrical work to be done prior to installing niche. 

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