Smash Plate

$12 USD

This can be used in conjunction with the drywall device mount as a template to cut a perfectly sized hole to fit the Drywall Device Mount in both flush and frame installs.

Size: for use with 5”x5” Drywall Device Mounts.

Framed Drywall Device Mount Lite (Sold Separately)

Flush  Drywall Device Mount Lite (Sold Separately)

🇨🇦 100% Manufactured in Canada

Wall, Ceiling
  • Arrange locations of pot lights before install of ceiling drywall
  • Template to accurately cut the perfect sized hole for the pot light mount
  • Used for both retrofit installs and new builds
  • Material - Solid Steel



What Product is this designed to be used in pairing with?
The Smash Plate is specifically designed for our Flush Drywall Device Mount and Framed Drywall Device Mount products.

Is it necessary to buy a Smash Plate if I bought a Device Mount?
Nope! The Smash Plate is intended for use before the drywalling stage of construction, or those installing multiple Device Mounts at once. Refer to the instruction guide for more examples of how the Smash Plate can be used, or reach out to our support staff if you have any questions.

How many Smash Plates do I need to buy?
If you are using the Smash Plate to cut openings in an existing surface, you only need one as it is re-usable. If the Smash Plate is going to be installed behind a drywall or ceiling surface, you will need to pair one Smash Plate for every Device Mount being installed.

What is the Smash Plate made of?
The Smash Plate is made from a single piece of steel.

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